Thursday, September 16, 2010

Madey, Music, and Miracles

There are ups and downs to everything we do in life and the answers we seek are not always the answers we get. Sometimes we go into an experience with a certain well defined expectation both for ourselves and the Lord and come away with something not completely unfamiliar of what we had in mind. And yet there is still rejoicing for the all encompassing goodness of God.
Last Friday and Saturday Madey received her 11th Chemo treatment (only 3 more to go!) she also had an MRI, CT Scan, and Bone Density scan done to determine what is going on in this battle with cancer. Here is what we learned, Madey's pelvic bone and hip area where the cancer did the most damage is re-growing itself and the blood flow to that area has increased. The cancer continues to shrink and will shrink even more with the final 3 Chemo treatments. There is still an affected area in her pelvis, but due to the radiation and chemo that area is inactive. So what does that mean? It means that once Madey is done with these last 3 chemo sessions she is done (Yeah Baby!). Doctors will continue to monitor the affected area by doing scans every 3 months, but chances are the cancer will remain inactive but Madey will not! As soon as she gets clearance she would like to start training to get herself in shape to play softball and basketball.
Madey continues to have positive experiences and be a positive example to those around her. A week or so ago she attended her seminary class, inspite of her teacher (dad), and since it was early in the term students were asked to bring to class an item that helps define who they are. Madey chose to bring her guitar and sing for her class. It was quite an awesome site as this cute sophmore girl with no hair, unzipped her guitar case, introduced herself, and began playing a favorite Taylor Swift song for kids she hardly knew. There was quite the feeling of awe in the room, and the applause after was both genuine and heart felt. George has said several times since then, "I wish I'd had my video camera." The comments from the other students were awesome, one girl said, "I don't even like Taylor Swift, but you are amazing!"
We are well aware that there is still more to do for full healing and recovery, but we are grateful for how far Madey has come and encouraged as we run the last few miles of this mararthon. We are so thankful for all the love, support, and prayers of so many.