Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Wishes Come True...

It has been a busy couple of weeks! One of Madey's wishes was to be able to attend the last week of school and be a part of all the fun

that happens when 9th grade is over. It took some convincing, but Michelle was very adamant that Madey be able to go. So we postponed chemo for a week, and what a week we had. From fishing with Grandpa, to a movie with her cousin Riely and her sister Hillary, to the 9th grade dance, to the closing assembly to the signing of yearbooks, and to top it off a party with friends, that included, volleyball, the trampoline, smores, and an outdoor movie. Madey thought that her week would be complete with all of these events, but there was one big surprise for her mixed in. A few months ago we met with the Make a Wish Foundation and Madey wished for a family trip to Florida. As part of the closing assembly, in front of all of her classmates, Prince Charming, pictured above, sought out "princess" Madeline with her missing slipper. With the help of the students at Fairfield Jr., they announced that "princess" Madey's wish had been granted. It was a really tender moment as her classmates gave her a standing ovation and honored her courage and bravery in this fight against cancer with their applause. It was definitely one of those moments that seemed frozen in time and the emotion of it all tugged on the strings of our hearts. All we can say is Thank You 'Make-a-Wish' and Thank You Fairfield Jr. High.
After all the fun died down late Friday night, reality began to set back in. Madey checked into the hospital early Saturday morning to begin her next session of Chemo, but the good memories of the last week seemed to carry her through and her spirit and attitude appeared to be unaffected. Now that this round of chemo is finished, Madey began the next phase of the battle today at the Huntsman Cancer Institute: radiation therapy. She is feeling tired, and starting to miss her friends, but she said the procedure was a piece of cake. She will continue with radiation for the next 6 weeks, with additional chemo treatments dispersed throughout. We know we still have a ways to go in our battle, but we are confident that through faith and prayer Madey will make a full recovery.