Monday, July 19, 2010

Still Fighting Forward,

After our fun adventure on the 4th of July to see Carrie Underwood and the Stadium of Fire we were reminded that we still have cancer and we are still undergoing treatment. With the combination of radiation and chemotherapy Madey began to get blisters and sores on her body, the chemo had made her skin more sensitive to the radiation. As a result of all this, her blood counts got pretty low and she began running a fever which meant we were once again being admitted to the hospital. It was a very difficult stay, not just for Madey but also her parents, and I think a few members of the hospital staff. There seemed to be one trial right after another and much of the trial came in the form of too many chiefs and not enough Indians. It seemed as if we were constantly at odds with some of our nurses and doctors about the best method of treatment for Madey during this 48 hour stay. Suffice it to say, there were some pretty amazing tender mercies that not only allowed Madey to get the care she needed, but also to provide her parents with the peace of mind they needed to continue to fight forward. The Lord knows who we are and what we are going through, but I am still amazed at how often he uses ordinary people to make miracles happen in our lives.
Madey is feeling much better now, she has been home for a week and has been able to continue her radiation treatments without difficulty. She even felt good enough this last Friday to go to the movie "Despicable Me" with the family. It was nice to get out again and do something normal. Madey only has 6 more radiation treatments after today and she is so excited...
Today is also Madey's Birthday! She was so excited last night to have her grandparents and other family members over to the house to celebrate and eat cake and ice cream. This morning she woke up to balloons, confetti, and streamers placed in the yard by friends over night, it is a sweet reminder of the many people that love and support her, Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Fun Fireworks & Carrie Underwood!

Well it has sure been a crazy couple of weeks. Madeline started radiation 3 weeks ago, the first two weeks were pretty uneventful. On the 3rd week, she underwent simultaneous chemotherapy and radiation for 5 days. The two together have made her nauseous and uncomfortable. But we still managed to pull off a short family outing to the Stadium of Fire, and not only see great fireworks, but also see Madey's favorite country singer and George's celebrity crush, Carrie Underwood. It was an amazing show, both Carrie and the fireworks, but mostly seeing Madey's
adorable smile. After the show, George got us all lost finding his way back to the hotel, but we soon found our way and had every one bedded down for a hotel slumber party. After returning home, Madey has spent most of her time recovering from our excursion and the continued side-effects of chemo and radiation. She only has 12 more days of radiation left...we can't wait! Michelle has been especially busy taking Madey on her daily drive to Huntsman for the procedure, she is an amazing example of Christ like love in our home.
Madey continues to get stronger, but we are still in need of your many prayers on her behalf. May God bless all of you especially as we celebrate the freedoms of our great nation.