Sunday, March 28, 2010

Boredom, Basketball, and a Big dog.

Madey is in the hospital completing her 4th session of Chemo, it has been a 5 day visit and the days have gotten longer and more boring with each passing minute. This treatment has gone well and we anticipate that we will bring her home later this evening (YEAH). To pass the time she has watched a variety of movies, "The Blindside, What a Girl Wants, and The Princess and the Frog". She also played a little Madden on the XBOX and easily beat her dad who kept complaining that the controls are different on XBOX verses Playstation, but to use his own words against him (excuses are for losers). Madey also watched a few NCAA Tournament games, it was nice to see her come to life and yell at the TV when a call didn't go the way of the team she was rooting for. It appears as if Madey's treatments are going well, the pain in her hip is gone and she is walking and getting around much better. We are grateful for the many prayers and tender mercies that have come her way recently, it is amazing how often we are comforted by others in similar circumstances (Kaitlin thanks for calling the other night & Kirstin's mom thanks for your post) who share their lives and stories with us.

Congratulations to Hillary and her Layton High teammates who took 5th in the State Science Olympiad competition last night! Hillary Medaled in three events bringing home two Silver and one Gold, it was great to be able to go and support her.

On a completely different note, many of you know our big lab Maxwell (Max), apparently while we were gone yesterday he got into the house and had free reign of the place. When we got home and opened the door he greeted us with his usual wagging tail and a "hey whats up" look on his face. When we walked into the house we found dog treats scattered through the kitchen, a few of Madey's hats in the hallway, some garbage on the ground, blankets strewn around, and Buddy (our inside dog's) food dishes missing. On further inspection we also found in the backyard, several stuffed animals from Madey's room, Chinese takeout containers (licked clean), and Buddy's missing food dishes, along with a few other items. Our only real regret is that we didn't have a video camera set up so we could have seen him in action for ourselves, but what are you gonna do?

Sunday, March 21, 2010

'New Moon' and a Blood Transfusion

This week has been a week where making no plans was a good idea. Madey was supposed to go back into the hospital for round 4 of chemo, but that was delayed again. Madeline's blood counts have been pretty strong but her platelets were low so she received some on Wednesday, and then a blood transfusion on Friday, we are now hoping she can start chemo this week. But since the hospital does things whenever they want we will wait and see (no bitterness only love).

Since we have had Madey home for a few extra days and she has been feeling pretty good. The girls have enjoyed watching 'New Moon', giggling, and making giant cupcakes. With the weather being so good today, we took a drive to Antelope Island and had a picnic. It was the first time we have gone to the Island and actually seen Antelope along with Bison and a coyote. Being in the car that much and taking a few shorts walks to observe wildlife on the Island wore Madey out a little, so we brought her home and had a delicious meal of 'hotwings' and chicken nuggets. Nothing like a little spicy snack food and Orange Fanta to bring up the energy level in our house.

We continue to be amazed at the blessings we receive as we move forward in this journey. The times we have together as a family to laugh, love, and tease each other seems more delightful all the time. Thank you again for all the love and support! And keep training, the 5K will be here before you know it. George actually ran 1.8 miles yesterday without collapsing, he might actually do this.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Friends and Angels

Cancer is an unpredictable fight, Madey has had several really good days since her last treatment and we are still optimistic about her starting round 4 of her treatments this upcoming week. However, she has been feeling pretty lousy today, one of the side effects of chemo is mouth sores and they are not only uncomfortable, they also make it really hard to eat or relax. We hope this all passes soon so that she can continue to move forward in this fight. Thank you to her friends who came by and spent some time with her this week, Madey really enjoys those opportunities she has to feel like a "normal" teenager again.
We are truly blessed to have so many amazing friends, neighbors, and community members that demonstrate their love and support in a variety of ways. We just found out this week that a 5K funrun (oxymoron) and silent auction has been scheduled to show support for Madeline and her fight with cancer. I have included the information in this post and welcome anyone who would like to participate. No one living in our house has ever actually run a 5K but George and Lindy began training this week and hope to be able to run the entire distance.
Thank you again for your love and support we are confident that with the combined faith and prayers of so many on Madey's behalf we can win this battle with cancer.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Hairless Heros!

Faculty members who shaved their heads for Madey at the assembly.

On Wednesday March 3rd Fairfield Jr. held an assemly to honor the girls basketball team for their runner up finish this season. The student body was also commended for their fund raising efforts on behalf of Madey and our family. Many students and faculty members shaved their heads to the delight of the students, there was lots of cheering. Some didn't just shave their heads they had Madey's basketball number shaved into their heads as well. We were also pleasantly surprised when the girls team from Central Jr. awarded us with basketballs signed by each of the teams in our region, what a beautiful show of support. The Fairfield team and coach Osborne presented us with a ball signed by the Utah jazz and one signed by the state high school girls 4A and 5A champions. While all of this was going on Madey was in the hospital receiving her 3rd chemo treatment in less than favorable circumstances, but she pulled through it all like the champion that she is, and is now home resting and feeling pretty darn good.
We are grateful for the wonderful show of support Madey has received from the school, community, and church members. Thank You for your prayers and genuine acts of service on our behalf.